Contact us for carpet & upholstery cleaning, Salisbury

To get in touch, please use one of the following options:


landline: 01722 324215

mobile:   07979 980098

Alternatively, you are welcome to fill out some or all details on the enquiry form on the next page. We will normally reply to your request on the same day. 

We will be happy to give a free, no obligation estimate* or quote*.

*An estimate will be given if the job has not been viewed by us (i.e. enquiry via phone or email). This will normally be the amount the customer will pay providing that the size of job/stains/level of soiling etc have been described accurately. The price will be confirmed before the work commences on our arrival. 

*We will give a quote if we visit the customer's or business premises to assess the work to be done. The quoted price is the amount the customer will be asked to pay, unless there is a variation in the amount of work we are asked to carry out (either more, or less).